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What You Need to Know When Deciding Whether to Attend an Online University

When I completed my undergraduate degree, I talked with the Chair of my degree program about getting an online college degree (this was in 2001). He knew I was interested in teaching college courses, someday. His response was, "If you go to an online college for your master's, don't come to me for a job."

I was understandably upset, since I had to go to work full-time right out of college, and could not afford the time commitment to attend graduate school full-time in a brick-and-mortar school. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that online graduate school was what I needed. I earned a MS in computer information systems at University of Phoenix. About a year after the MS, I talked with the same Chair about teaching some adjunct classes online. He not only agreed to let me teach for him as an adjunct, when a full-time faculty member quit the week before fall classes started, he called and offered me the full-time teaching position. So, what had changed?

The most important thing that had changed was the attitude of many higher education institutions concerning online colleges. After all, if the online college is accredited by the same body that accredits the university in question, how can they say the online college degree is no good without condemning their own degree programs?

When choosing an online college, it is vital to ensure that they are accredited. Accrediting agencies in the United States include:

If the online college is accredited by one of these Department of Education sanctioned bodies, your degree will be a valid program that will enhance your career opportunities. One caveat: If you plan to teach in higher education and want to teach at a research university, an online education may not get you the opportunity you want. I have been warned about this by other online college graduates, but I have not applied to any of the research universities, so I cannot personally comment on this. I recommend that you contact the Chair or Dean of the department for which you would one day like to teach and ask if an online degree is acceptable for employment in their schools.

Top Online Universities For Distance Learning Programs
By Amit Kothial

Over the past few years, education has undergone a major shift in teaching as well as learning mode. Staring from conventional knowledge-based courses to modern job-oriented courses, education has transformed its facade and now getting popularly known as distance education. In fact today, distance education has achieved new heights and emerging as one of the great way to advance one's qualifications.

Facilitating a student to study from home and set his or her own schedule and pace for learning has made this mode of learning a convenient option. Students from all over the world have started taking up this style of learning so much that it has become an essential part of modern education. Making the best use of modern methods of delivery like video conference, teleconference, and online communications such as, e-mail, chats and pod casts, it is also easily accessible.

These days almost every modern course is available for students through distance learning mode. In fact many working personnel are also opting for distance learning or online education programs. No doubt, if we carefully look at the present scenario the possibilities of obtaining useful knowledge and distance learning degrees are endless but it has become more important to filter those fake institutes and universities that are spread all over. Students must perform initial research to check the authenticity of the diplomas offered from various distance learning universities or else it can hamper student's career, time and effort. However, here are some of the best inline distance learning universities that offer some of best online education programs and learning classes meeting the standards of current education industry:

University of Phoenix- This is one of the best online universities that offer online, on-campus, and hybrid degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level. Each degree is a balanced combination of academic theory and practical application. Every online education program is fully accredited and designed in collaboration with academic and industry professionals to ensure quality. Today, University of Phoenix is one of the largest private universities in North America, with nearly 200 convenient locations, as well as internet delivery in most countries around the world. The university is well known for providing best distance learning service and constantly aim to help students balance education and life in a fast changing world.

Argosy University- It is a private university and well known for providing flexible online programs in business, education and psychology. Argosy University has established campuses and supports one of the largest graduate student communities in the United States. Besides this, the university is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. All online lectures are designed to improve student's practical knowledge. The best highlight of various online education programs provided by Argosy University is it facilitates students take the accelerated online classes at their convenience, during the day or night. Moreover, experienced instructors are always available to provide students individualized attention through online class session.

Capella University- Capella University is yet another famous distance learning university that offers online degrees in information technology, business, psychology, public health and human services. As an online university, the greater part of learning takes place via the Internet. Besides this, its online environment is organized into course-rooms, with each course utilizing its own individual component. These course-rooms are built on the Blackboard Learning System software. Every online course offered by Capella University is taught by industry professionals possessing years of teaching experience. United with the flexibility of having all courses and resources available online, selecting Capella University for attaining a online degree can be a very attractive option.

Kaplan University- Kaplan University also offers various online degrees and distance learning programs in finance, international business or sales and marketing. Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), every online degree and certificate programs are taught by experienced instructors. These instructors use hands-on approach to teach and give their students practical exposure with the tools and knowledge of their specific trades. The university also provide interactive learning program that in turn allows students prepare their course schedule as per their convenience.

A degree from a reputed online distance learning university can be regarded as advantage and ambitious students from all the across the globe always crave for it. It not only adds an impressive touch to academic background but also helps student identify his or her core competencies, build new skills, create a portfolio to mark a positive career growth.

Find detailed information on top online distance learning universities providing top online distance learning degree and programs in United States and Canada. Choose the best distance learning programs and universities in your preferred location and earn online degree at the convenience of your home.

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