Sunday, August 2, 2009

Questions and Answers: Online or Face to Face Classes?

It's been a while since I posted. We have moved from one state to another over the past 8 weeks, all while working teaching online college classes and taking two graduate courses. Not easy!

Today's post concerns deciding on which path to go, online or face to face colleges. There are definite advantages to both, as well as disadvantages.

Advantages of online classes include:
  • Taking classes on your own schedule, for instance, after the kiddo's are in bed.

  • Working around other significant events in your life (such as moving across the country!).

  • Classes can be attended from anywhere, even while traveling across country, as long as the hotel has high speed Internet.

  • If your computer crashes, you can use a friend's computer or a library computer to attend your class.

  • Saving gas and time, since you don't have to travel to get to the campus.

Disadvantages of online classes include:
  • Not having the instructor right there to answer questions

  • Computer and technology issues.

  • Have to have a basic knowledge of computers.

  • Have to be able to teach yourself.

Advantages of face to face classes include:
  • More personal interaction with other students.

  • More one on one time with the instructor when you need help.

  • Don't have to teach yourself.

  • More structure for scheduling of class time and assignments.

  • Get away from home and have a specific place to learn.

Disadvantages of face to face classes include:
  • Have to be in class at a set time and place.

  • Can't be tardy.

  • Cost of gasoline and time to attend classes.

  • Have to schedule work and family around class times.

After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each method of taking courses, you need to consider yourself. What are your strengths? Are you able to read material and figure things out without someone explaining things in detail? Do you have the time to attend regular face to face classes? Are the courses or academic program you are interested in offered in the venue you desire?

Each person will come to the answers best for him- or herself. For me, online education was the only way I could attend college, since I worked full-time and was the only breadwinner in my family.

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