Saturday, March 26, 2011

USB Flash Drives

One of the questions students sometimes ask is, "What size USB drive should I get?"

Today, you can get drives up to 32GB or more, but that is much more memory than you need for college course work. Not only do you not need that much memory, they are much more expensive when you get into the upper memory size ranges. A USB flash drive of 1GB would actually be enough to save all the papers and research you will need for a semester, and maybe for the entire time you are in college. A 1GB drive will hold several complete textbooks, so you are not likely to fill it up with text documents.

That said, if you are in a graphics arts class that uses computerized images, or a CAD class, you might need a larger USB drive to contain all your work.

There are many brands avaiable today. You can sometimes pick up a 1GB or 2GB USB flash drive for $10 or less. For the person who has fashion in mind, you can even purchase USB jewelry, necklaces, watches, and bracelets. Some even come with Swarovski crystals for that extra bit of bling.

One thing you should know about USB flash drives, though, is that they are not reliable for permanent storage. They may last for years, or may last for a few months. You should use them as backups only. Keep another copy of your work on your student drive at school, your home computer, or on SkyDrive in Windows Live Essentials, which can be downloaded from

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If you are interested in novelty shape USB flash drives shaped like dogbones, ice cream cones, lipstick, or cars to use as a gag gift for college friends or family, check this site

For a large selection of regular USB flash drives, Click Here.

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