Friday, August 27, 2010

Are You Thinking About Pursuing an Online College Education?

Are You Thinking About Pursuing an Online College Education?

A Guest Post By Vera Baylor

For many people, an online college education is the only way they could pursue a college degree. For others, online degree options present the option of convenience around an already busy life. Online colleges open up a world of possibilities to otherwise nontraditional students like retirees, those who have already entered the workforce and are heading back to school to either earn another diploma or finish courses they've already started taking, those with kids, and more. These are just a few of the situations where an online college education program is not only convenient but often a requirement. These, and others like them, simply wouldn't be able to work in the time around any otherwise full schedule to earn their degree. Does this sound like you?

On the other hand, even traditional students who are fresh out of high school are pursuing an online college education as well. For these students, they may want to enter the workforce straight from high school yet still pursue a college education. Others may have personal commitments at home, such as caring for a sick relative or even small kids to take care of. Still others simply find that the college scene isn't for them and they feel more comfortable learning from the comfort of their own home.

Whatever your situation is, pursuing your college education over the internet is a great step. You will enjoy the same quality education, but can take your courses at a time and in a place that is most convenient for you. There are many different schools from all over the world that now offer online degree programs, so there is a world of opportunity open to you for pursuing your college degree online. Today, just about anyone with some extra time and financial resources can purse a college education with college degree programs available over the internet.

Vera Baylor is a writer and researcher on online college education. You can save time and money by comparing degrees from multiple schools and reading about the options open to you and at Vera's blog:

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  1. Thanks for posting this about online schools. Also, I would add that checking your online school for credentials and being sure that your credits will transfer is also a must if you decide to go to an online school.

    There are many different kinds of online schools, and some are a lot more respected than others. Do your homework would be my advice here.

    I took some online classes at WKU when I was at school. To me, they were harder, but very high quality.

  2. My experience also has online classes somewhat harder than traditional classes, but the learning was fantastic.

    I have earned two different online degrees after first earning a traditional bachelor's degree. I really liked being able to attend when it was best for me, rather than having to meet a set schedule.

  3. Hi, E.!
    The classes I took online were harder, too, but I think it is because you are having to teach yourself more than when you go to classes. I think you learn the material better, though.

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