Monday, July 12, 2010

New Algebra Recommendations

Unfortunately, the books I recommended in my last post for helping college students who struggle with Algebra are no longer available.

One of the main reasons learners have trouble with algebra is that they have poor basic math skills. If you can't multiply and divide easily, don't understand fractions and ratios, and sometimes squareroots, algebra will be a foreign language.

After a long search both online and offline, I have found some books that are excellent choices, and are currently in print. None is over $20 brand new, so these are still a good value.

E-Z Math
by Barron's covers whole numbers, fractions, percentages, beginning algebra, beginning geometry, beginning trigonometry, word problems and probability statistics.
Recommended retail price is $14.99, but you can get it brand new HERE
for $10.19. (Please note, prices may change in the interim.)

A-Plus Notes for Beginning Algebra: Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1
by Rong Yang has a suggested retail price of $19.50, but you can get it HERE
for $13.26. (Please note, prices may change in the interim.)

These are the books I am recommending to high school and college students who need a refresher in basic math and pre-algebra skills.

My experience is that having several algebra books allows you to better understand a topic in math, since each author will describe the topic in slightly different terms.

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