Thursday, January 22, 2009

From the Beginning

In January 1998, I embarked on one of the most frightening and exhiliarating journey of my life: higher education. With one child married (one grandchild), and the other engaged to be married, I decided it was time--it was a leap of faith, in that I was not really sure I could succeed at this new venture. After completing a BS in Computer Information Systems, I started working full-time as a computer programmer. Shortly thereafter, I started on an online masters program. As both a non-traditional face-to-face student and a non-traditional online student, I learned how to navigate the educational highway, so to speak.

This blog will be dedicated to non-traditional students everywhere. Know this, you CAN do this if you want it badly enough. There will be frustrations, fears, accomplishments, successes, and failures, but it is possible to get through them all to the completion of a degree. Over the next few months, I will be posting content that is designed to aid non-traditional students in navigating the higher education system. This blog is not about me. The only reason I told you so much about me is to assure you that I do know what I am writing about. I have been there. I can help you get through it, too.

I will try to update this blog weekly, starting in January 2009. If you have questions you would like answered, you may email

The Web site,, is not yet officially launched. It will be a site dedicated to non-traditional student concerns, and will offer help files as well as links to other Web sites that would be useful to non-traditional students.

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